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Code Tester Documentation / 3rd Party Book


I recently started on a project that has Code Tester. I have been unable to locate any documentation that might have come when it was purchased. So if there is documentation how can I get a copy and are there any books about Code Tester (o’reilly or oracle press) on the market?


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Sorry, there are no books yet, but there is a very extensive help document, including Quick Start examples that are backed up by videos.

Please let me know if you cannot find any of this…

Steven Feuerstein



Thanks for the quick response. Where would I find those items. Are they on the website or on the CD?




Have you installed the product? After you do that, you can open the Help file by pressing F1. We will also be making this available as a PDF in our next release (Feb).

From the Help menu of the Dashboard, you can also choose to view the tutorials.

Regards, SF