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Code Tester for Oracle v3.0 is out in the wild...



We’ve been working hard for quite some time now and we’re finally able to release the latest version of Code Tester for Oracle. You can get it as part of the Toad for Oracle developers Suite at Aside from lots of bug fixes, the key change in this release is we now have a true 64 bit version (along with the 32 bit version).

Lots of new stuff is on the way so stay tuned as we continue to work hard to make Code Tester even better.



How to download trial version of Code Tester for Oracle v3.0?
I downloaded latest toad for oracle. But there is no code tester.

Thank you



Sorry this is an old thread but this is the first time I have seen mention of a version 3.0 of Code Tester.

So does this mean there is no stand alone version of Code Tester that is not part of Toad?

We have a separate licences for Code Tester (using 2.7) and SQL Navigator. We do not use Toad. So how do we get version 3.0 if it is only part of Toad Suite?




Thank you for the update and work … can you tell me how this is supposed to install silently as it seems to have a nested executable that prompts users for input at install time, even though i am using the quiet switches.?

any help would be appreciated; many thanks in advance!