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Code Tester in a distributed database environment.


I am planning to evaluate Quest Code Tester for our development team. In our particular organization, we have multiple database with multiple schemas with PL/SQL packages for various applications.

I’ve looked at the documentation and the installation options regarding setting up a repository with access to multiple schemas in the same physical database.

We are wondering if it is possible to somehow have a centralized repository for all test cases and results for reporting purposes based on our current architecture?

From my current understanding, it seems like we would obviously need to have our tests run directly on the target databases and then export/import the results to the central repository for reporting.

Is there any type of built-in or workaround for such a distributed database environment?

Thank you.

August Harrison


Hello August,
At this moment we do not have this feature in 2.0.



Thank you for your response Danny.

Is this something that the development team is looking to add at any time?

Do you see any type of feasible workaround for our situation?