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Code Tester installation for multiple users


We are looking at getting the commercial version of Code Tester for our development team.

Do we need separate installations per user machine,or can it be installed on one machine that each member of the development team can access?

Another question, are individual installations necessary, do we need to buy 6 copies of the product or can one product be installed on 6 machines?

Many thanks,

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In terms of installation, Code Tester is a per-instance tool - you must install the backend repository on every database instance that contains code you wish to test.

You can, however, share that repository among all developers who can connect to and work on the same instance, no matter where the client portion of Code Tester is installed.

In terms of licenses, Code Tester is a per-developer/user tool: you must pay a license for each person who uses Code Tester.

I hope this answers your questions.

Regards, SF


Excellent, thank you for getting back to me, that was exactly what I wanted to know.