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Code Tester no longer recognising repository



a few months ago we updated to version We have 3 repositories in 3 different databases. After the update all 3 repositories could be accessed and new test cases created. But now only one the repositories can be accessed.

When we try logging into the other 2 we get the “Quest Code Tester cannot access its repository from this schema” error, with the error dialog suggesting we run Repository Manager.

When we proceed to run the repository manager and rebuild the back end it errors out with “A Quest Code Tester repository cannot be found”.

Is there any we can get these repositories working again without losing any of our unit tests?


was able recompile the invalid packages and replace missing object types and collection types and can now access the repositories



Sorry to hear this. Did you set up access to those other repositories
via private synonyms? If so, please run the scripts to re-create the synonyms.

Let me know if this resolves the problem.

Thanks, SF