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Code Tester users step forward!


I know that we have had a HUGE response to our debut at OpenWorld and as a freeware for ToadWorld.

I challenge ALL users to make their presence known on these boards. Only by providing feedback such that all can interact and share their findings can Quest make this product what it should be - the best testing tool ever built for Oracle applications.

If only to introduce yourself and let us know what your biggest challenges are today. I think many would be surprised to see how many people out there share common problems and experiences.

Looking forward to meeting our new friends,
Jeff Smith
Quest Software


OK, I’ll put my toe in. I’m a long-time JUnit user who considers TDD the best approach to code development, but who never had a reason before to need a PL/SQL unit tester.

I’m trying to get QCTO working on Oracle 10 Express. I’ve chosen this method to get started because all the components would be under my control and I wouldn’t have to get DBA assistance to get things running. Or so I thought.

I’ve downloaded 10xe from Oracle’s website and installed it, run it, tried a few SQL statements to see if it’s alive and it seems to be. I’ve created a new user (qcto) and granted him all available privileges.

I’ve downloaded the latest (as of 9 Nov) QCTO and run the installation several times (QuestCodeTester1255). The installation fails consistently if I try to create a new repository but finishes if I allow the existing repository to be updated. I’m not sure what this means.

At this point in the installation process, I see a QCTO dashboard appear along with a login dialog. I enter the username (qcto) and its password plus the database type of XE and hit OK. The dialog diappears and a tiny dialog with a single OK button shows up. I hit OK again and the login dialog reappears. I can enter any of the XE users I’ve created, including system, and the appropriate password and never get out of the login dialog-tiny dialog loop.
I’m stumped. I’ve read the papers and watched the presentations and would really like to get QCTO working, since it seems very slick and it solves a problem I’m facing. However, as things stand, I’m blocked from doing anything useful.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




I am very sorry to hear of your difficulties. Would your please send your install log file for a new schema to

I would also love to see a screen shot of your tiny dialogue boxes.

Thanks, SF


I’ll send you screen shots by e-mail since I can’t figure out how to post them.

Thanks for the quick response.