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Code Tester Version 1.9 Now Available!


You can now download version 1.9 of Code Tester. This release features the following enhancements:

Object type support You can now test directly the methods of object types, test the contents of object type instances for equality and inequality, and specify the values of attributes through a grid.

Default value support You now request that the default of a parameter be used when testing your program. The generated test code will not pass a value for this argument.

Improved code coverage support You can now specify your code coverage target as a percentage, both as a preference (global target) and for specific program units. Actual code coverage % and target % values are now shown in Test Editor and code coverage reports. These reports have also been expanded.

Specifying order of execution of test suites You can now specify the order of execution of tests in a suite through the Dashboard (right-click on suite name, choose “Specify order of tests in suite”).

Random test execution You can request through the Test Editor that unit tests and test cases within a unit test be executed in random order.

We have also cleanup various parts of the user interface, most notably the Preferences Window, which has finally caught up with the rest of the tool (greatly expanded preferences, such as for export/import, as well as removal of old, unused preferences). All preferences are also now stored in their own preferences ini file, so that you can copy it to the workstations of other Code Tester users and easily apply a standard set of preferences to a development team.

If you have not yet checked out Code Tester, I urge you to do so. There is no better way to build and run regression tests that can finally break out of the vicious cycle of…

“I don’t have enough time to do it right because I am too busy fixing bugs from the last release.”

Download Quest Code Tester for Oracle v1.9