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Code Tester won't go away when Oracle connection lost


Hi folks,

Just a note to the developers. If I have QCT:Builder open and lose my connection to Oracle - either the database goes down or my VPN goes away, QCT goes into crash mode.

When I attempt to exit I get “Would you like to save outstanding changes?”
Whether I answer Yes or No I get “Unexpected Error Occurred” with the message “Not logged on”.
At this point it does that whole create a support bundle thing. I am not sure how Quest support can help me with my inactive VPN. :slight_smile:

Upon bundle completion the process will repeat ad infinitum with nothing to do but crash the program via the task manager. I am thinking that perhaps a lost connection should not be trapped with the same vigor as other errors. And perhaps there should be some kind of “escape hatch” from the crash routine when folks get stuck in this cycle.



p.s. I find the Toad World UI totally unintuitive and unfriendly. And the overwhelming green color gives me a headache. :slight_smile:


Hi Paul,

Thank you. You are right, this behavior is not correct… We will fix this in next releases. Code Tester should better handle this kind of situations.



Hi, Paul. Thanks, too, for your feedback on the Toad World UI. I would love to get some more specifics on the tasks you found difficult to perform. Changing to a new platform always includes some implementation bumps, but we’re listening and wish to improve the site and make it what our users want it to be. You can post your suggestions here or send them directly to us at

Oh, and we have on our improvement list to address the green. [:)]