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I’m getting “Unit tesing is not supported due to unsupported data types” when attempting to create a test definition for a function that takes a RAW inpu parameter. Is there a work around for this?

can you share Toad screen where this happened?

There are some datatypes unsupported by Code Tester, but RAW isn’t one of them. It looks like an oops on my end. I’ll log and fix, sorry about that.


I should have added that you can always use the full-blown Code Tester for Oracle application to create your tests. The interface from within Toad is very simple, the real power with Code Tester is in its application. The workaround for you is to use Code Tester for managing your tests against objects having RAW arguments. Unit tests can also get very complex depending on your needs and the complex cases must be managed from within Code Tester.