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Collapsed windows do not open on hover?


Are the collapsed objects Connection Manager, Object Explorer, Project Manager,
etc, etc supposed to open when you hover your mouse over them like in Visual
Studio? I can only get mine to open if I actually click on them.




This behavior was changed a few releases ago because we had a lot of complaints about windows opening when the user accidentally dragged the mouse over the docked tab. For some windows (on initial run of Toad) this could cause a delay while the window is loaded for the first time. Code Snippets was a good example of this. The new impementation requires a click to open. It will close automatically when you leave the region.

We realize the change may not be to the liking of every user, but we hope that despite the change in operation from Visual Studio you’ll get accustomed to the implementation in Toad. If not, let us know and we could possibly add an option to control this behavior in a future release.

Thanks for your comments.