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Collection 'SQL Cluster failover detection' failed : Execution state was not set


I have the following within Spotlight on SQL Server:

Alarm: Monitored Server - SQL Server Collection Execution Failure
Key: SQL Cluster failover detection
Severity: Informational
Message: Collection ‘SQL Cluster failover detection’ failed : Execution state was not set

The remainder of the message are the steps to disable this monitor. Can anyone explain how to fix the root cause of this rather than just disabling the monitor within Spotlight?



Hi Ken,

My apology for not seeing this post but it came under Toad for SQL Server Community and we do have a dedicated Spotlight forum on Toad World:)

Anyhow, I think it might be best if you open a formal service request with us from Support Link on this issue as there is no quick answer.


Thanks Jon.

I ended up in the TOAD forum because when I go into Spotlight and click Help > Spotlight on SQL Server Community, I get taken to the Page Not Found page at (

I’ll open a ticket as you’ve suggested.



Service request 3718711 has been opened.


Hello Jon,

Further to your suggestion that I should have posted this question in the Spotlight forum: I simply cannot locate that forum. If I connect to and click on Products > Spotlight, there are links down the right-hand side broken into sections for “Spotlight on Oracle”, “Spotlight on DB2 LUW”, “Spotlight on SQL Server”, and “Spotlight on SAP ASE”. If I click on the Forum link under “Spotlight for SQL Server”, it takes me to the Toad for SQL Server Community page. If I click on Forum > Spotlight on SQL Server Forum, I get to this forum. To the best of my knowledge there is no Spotlight forum. There certainly doesn’t appear to be any way to get to it.



Hi Ken,

Thanks for the feedback and I’m so sorry for the confusion. I’ll try to pass your feedback to the relevant admin managing Toad World and hopefully make it easier to get to Spotlight for our end users.


Hi Ken, were you able to resolve your issue or does the fault still persist? I am seeing this occur in a number of our AAG environments and I am not aware of any differences in configuration.

Jon, to the point about this being logged under the correct category - the links as described by Ken are still the case, has this been fixed and or is this the correct place to be discussing the support of Spotlight on SQL Server?


My apologies, I should have posted the reply from the incident I opened. The solution provided to me is below:

From: []
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2016 10:08 AM
To: Hemmerling, Ken
Subject: Regarding |SR Number:3718711| - SQL Cluster failover detection failure

Hello Ken,

We found the problem

Look like you set the SQL Server instance connections to 'Cluster (monitor active host) ', he should choose ‘Do not monitor’ or a real Windows connection that the instances lie on in the connection properties page.

You can right click on your connection name - Properties to change it.

Thank you,

Peter Huynh



No problem, thanks Ken. Connection property updated (pointed to local server name) and the alarm has been resolved.

Many thanks!