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Color Connection on Object Explorer

Good Afternoon,

I have started using the new beta version ( of TOAD and have to say I can’t wait for it to go live! I really enjoy the save script to PDS member!

I noticed one issue and I am not sure if its a set up issue or not. When I started Toad for the first time it usually asks me to import my settings from an older version but never did this time so I am not sure I missed the setting to enable this feature or not. I always set up TOAD to color my background based on the connection of the database I am using. This works great helping when I am working in different environments such as development, model and production.

In version 6.3 the object explorer would so be colored based on connection, but now it seems to always stay white. Is this a setting I need to change or was its it a built in feature? I thought it was a feature. There are a few settings I change out of the gate when I first start using Toad so I might have missed it.

Thanks for your help! And keep up the great work.



There is an option on the Database - General tab that controls this - see below


Perfect! Thanks so much. I thought it was a setting I was missing.

Thanks so much. I knew that such an optiond exists but did not know how to get to this setting.

All the best,

Shimon J.