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Color of categories


I’m using the version and entered in my existing model for Oracle 10 g a new categorie. I wanted to customize a new color for it. I could do so, but after applying to a entity, every time it will displayed a dark grey/purple instead of the new created color.
If I assign a formerly created category to the new entity, this old customised color is displayed correctly.

Best regards



Hello Detlef,

Unfortunately, I’ve failed to simulate the problem. Here are the steps I’ve taken. Please check them out if I do the same as you. Thanks.

  1. I open Oracle 10g model created in some of older TDM3 versions.
  2. I edit the existing category - change the Custom color.
  3. I define a new custom color via the Add to Custom color button.
  4. I select the new custom color.
  5. In the Category Properties dialog | Objects tab, I just check out the list of selected entities for this category.
  6. I confirm the change OK. -> The entities assigned to this category have the new color.

Thanks very much for verification.