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Columns lists missing.



Since beta 1.2 the columns are not displayed anymore when editing sql statements when the server is an ASE 12.5.3.

There is no problem with ASE 15.5.

Any chance of getting this fixed ?




Hello Jean-Pierre,

You should see the columns in build



Hello Michael,

Yes it does work now.



Hello Michael,

I have just downloaded beta to find out that the column list is missing again
with ASE 12.5.3.

I am really looking forward to a stable version correcting all the main issues that I have raised.

Depending on what I want to do I have to switch versions and I loose a lot of the benefits of using Toad.


Hello Jean-Pierre,

This has to do with the encryption information being pulled while fetching the column data. I fixed the SQL again and you should see it in the next beta. I apologize for the inconvenience and it will not happen again.

Obviously switching between versions is not what we want. In order to better solve this we have pulled back on new features while we work solely on bug fixes.



Hello Michael,

This has indeed been corrected in Toad for Sybase Beta Version.