Comment field on Procedure Properties --> Report Wizard


On “list of arguments field”, It displays comment as well as the list of arguments, (i would be grateful if it could have an extra field for placing the comment of the stored procedure, E.g. in SQL 2005 it has special syntax for particular field e.g. Author, date created and description . Please see an example below).

Some of the sql arguments is not populated on that field [List of Argument], it populate it under the [List of Argument] box. I guess it may be a bugs (I assume it is because it look for an keyword “AS” to separate whether it is a argument or not…etc E.g. if you put [@variablename as nvarchar(12)] as sql argument.

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks


This could be place in another place E.g. Comment or description of Stored procedure
– =============================================
– Author: <Author,Name>
– Create date: <Create Date,>
– Description: <Description,>
– =============================================

Hello Chi,

Thanks! We will fix it. CR # 33 507.