Comment on column missing in script

When displaying the script to create or alter a table that has comments on its columns or on the table itself, the script does not include the ‘Comment On Table/Column’ statements.


Something like this (from SQL Central):

CREATE TABLE “DBA”.“settings” (
“setting” VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL,
“setting_value” VARCHAR(2048) NOT NULL,
“setting_group” VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
“setting_desc” VARCHAR(2048) NULL,
PRIMARY KEY ( “setting” ASC, “setting_value” ASC )
COMMENT ON TABLE “DBA”.“settings” IS ‘Various runtime settings.’;
COMMENT ON COLUMN “DBA”.“settings”.“setting” IS ‘Setting mnemonic’;
COMMENT ON COLUMN “DBA”.“settings”.“setting_value” IS ‘Value of the setting’;
COMMENT ON COLUMN “DBA”.“settings”.“setting_group” IS ‘Allow settings is groups by functional type.’;
COMMENT ON COLUMN “DBA”.“settings”.“setting_desc” IS ‘Setting description’;

Hello Larry,

I am very sorry to say that comments on tables or on columns is not supported in this phase. But if you really need to check the comments, I have a not-so convenient workaround:

Actually Toad provides Note functionality to add note on database objects. You can right click on one database object then press the Notes button to add the comments you need to check later.

After adding comments you can see a note mark on table like the first one shown in the pic. You can check the note by putting cursor on it.

I hope this workaround can solve your need in this phase.