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I’ve suggestion with commenting region in code using popup menu.

So , now we have:

Lines are commented using /* line */

What happends when in code we have hints or otheer comments:

Oracle does not support double comments using /*
For example:
In procedure we have
data date;
select /*+ rule */ sysdate into data from dual ;

/select /+ rule */ sysdate into data from dual; */
–is not valid.

–You should use “–” chars
–This sql will be like:
–select /*+ rule */ sysdate into data from dual ;
–and this sql is valid.

Of course i was talking about sqls inside procedures/packages.

Regards Piter.


Very good catch here Piter. It is certain better that we implement the full line comment with ‘–’ as per your suggestion.

I have try your code and the uncomment is broken as well .

We will raise a request on your behalf. I will discuss with Roman to see how best to handle line and block comments.

Thanks and regards,


it will be valid inside plsqlblock with declaration. Sorry about this, because i wrote sql directly into post and didn’t check validation. But i think mean thing is understood for others.

Regards Piter.

PS. I edited this post, and changed sqls.