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Comments in tables



Node comments on tables on DBExplorer seems to me unnecessary.

(BTW maybe it could be possible to have the cross not appear if the node doesn’t have anything? - maybe configurable)

The context menu on commentary doesn’t allow create (ok with that) but allows drop but that doesn’t work! (maybe just also not allowing that option?)



Hi Filipe,

The context menu item Drop should not be shown in the sub nodes under a table. Thanks for reporting. I have a create a CR to fix this.

The comments node under a table, I don’t think many users using it but we still need to think of these users and we will leave it there for the time being.

We cannot remove the plus sign(+) in front of a folder node until you expand the node. Basically because we don’t want to run too many queries in the background to check if that kind of object has anything or not. I believe you will understand :).



about comments:
1)maybe having an option for disable the display of that node?
2)any reason why it’s the second node and not the last? the constaints node to me is more important and should be upper (I would put it before the indexes node)

Thanks for the answer


Your points make sense to me here. But I need to know how the others think. I will log an ER for you and will keep you posted.