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Dear all,

congratulations for the 5.0 release!

I will let my company order a license soon. However, I got confused with the
product versions on the Quest website. There are apparently three versions of
ToadSS: Professional Edition, Xpert and Development Suite. Only the latter two
let you to download a trial. Which version corresponds exactly to the beta that
we have been testing here all the time? I cannot find a comparison sheet on the



Hello Ercan,

Thank you for your support!

Regarding your question: there is no difference in functional between
“Toad for SQL Server Xpert” and “Toad Development Suite for
SQL Server”.

“Toad for SQL Server Xpert“ contains only Toad application but
“Toad Development Suite for SQL Server” contains Toad application
and BenchmarkFactory tool in additional (trial versions in all cases)

Hope I’ve answered to your question.