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Commit error



When commiting I got this error in the console ans the commit was not done

Internal error occurred; see file ERROR.LOG for details
(error.log has this entry:
v6.3.0 2010-04-30 16:48:02 Access violation at address 04931A7B in module ‘sqlnavigator.exe’. Read of address 00000000

I then made the commit by script and the data was commited.


Hi Filipe,

Sorry for late response. Do you still run into this error sometimes after you posted this thread? If you do, can you find out any pattern to repeat this?




I still got that error from time to time…no pattern…only that was working already for some time.


Same here. Got it once or twice after several hours’ work.
Typing “commit” in the code editor and executing it did work, but the “commit” button did not.


Ditto here. No discernable pattern yet, but I did an insert across a database link and clicked commit a number of times, yet when I went to exit, I got the uncommitted changes prompt and only then did my insert get committed.

From my point of view, this is a serious issue. I need to know my changes are committed when I hit the commit button. If this were a general release instead of a beta, I’d be using this on production systems and could have serious implications if committing changes is not predictable.


Thanks Mark for your feedback. We will take this serious and will try to address the issue asap.



Hi guys,

I’m glad to let you that we managed to reproduce this error and it has been fixed now. You will not run into this problem anymore when next build is available.






Superb! As a looooong time SQL Navigator user, but a new discoverer of these forums, I am really impressed by the team’s responsiveness and ability to track down bugs like this. (Especially since I assumed Quest was going to merge SQL Navigator into Toad a couple of releases ago!)


Seems to be fixed in 1824