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Community Browser window


Has anyone noticed that the community login isn’t working from within SQL Nav? I can navigate the rest of the pages just fine, but the login isn’t working.


Everything works ok for me. But i prefer my default web browser, than navigate inside sqlnav

Regards Piter


Although I don’t usually use this functionality… I just tried it, and was able to log in okay from within the Nav Welcome screen!!
Working as expected…



Hi Piter,

What does it take to keep you in SQL Nav all day. We would like to hear that .



Hi Bruce!
I’m finishing part of project on Oracle warehouse.Some work must be done by night when users are disconnected, and system could be modified. Thats why i spent my time with community by night! By the way i’m uisng sqlnav day by day developing pls/sql code, thats why i could catch some things in sqlnav. Other thing is that it’s more fun when other users are online on community, unfortunetly you are online when I should sleep.



Hello Piter,

Thanks for your reply.

Yeh, it is a good feeling seeing other users online at the same time. Hope that we will have more and more users getting involved in our SQL Navigator Comm Forum. Many thanks from all of us here for your assistance and contributions upto date Piter. We are all much appreciated for your effort. The same goes to all other Beta users. It really makes a BIG difference.

PS. have been trying very hard to stay up late with you and others. Have been relied on coffee supply lately .