Comparing schema's - what's the difference between recompare selected (at the top) and the run button (at the bottom) ?


I was wondering what the difference was between recompare selected (at the top) and the run button (at the bottom) ?

When I manually check for differences and also manually correct them (so not via script) then it looks like the recompare still shows it as difference, while the run button removes it from the list (like expected).

Are there any issues with this? Anyone having the same problem?

Kind regards

The only difference between the 2 is that one should recompare only selected comparisons in the list where the main “recompare” run button should recompare all.

I see what you’re seeing, and I would consider it a bug. I’ll go ahead and log this.

I’m also wondering (I can’t recall off hand) if “recompare selected” was added to do a quicker recompare from memory if comparison options were changed, although it doesn’t seem to be any faster for me. At any rate, the developer (John D) is on vacation, so I’ll log something so this doesn’t get overlooked

I just tested this and it is working as designed.

When you “recompare selected”, we will re-run only the selected comparisons. Only the target schema is reloaded from database. We don’t reload the source because we are not expecting the source schema to change. So if you are making changes to the source schema and not the target, that would explain it.

Hi John,

this seems to be the case. Source was changed and wasn’t showing up in the “compare selected”.

It was not quite clear in my original post that I was changing the source.

Thanks for your clear answer. We’ll keep this in mind when comparing in the future.

Kind regards