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Comparing transaction rates with HammerDB


I am comparing the results I get from HammerDB to the results I get with Benchmark Factory. The numbers I get from HammerDB are much higher than I get from Benchmark Factory. I also notice that the cpu consumed by the Oracle user processes is much lower when I used HammerDB than when I run Benchmark Factory. The target DB is exactly the same in both cases, and I create a new schema for each tool.

I am using TPC-C in both cases. I am curious to know why there is such a high discrepancy (up to 2X) when both tools claim to do TPC-C like workloads.



I use HammerDB quite a lot. It does NOT implement “keying & think” time by default - you have to either check that option or set it manually in the config file. So HammerDB gets much higher numbers. Once you check this option - the numbers will be much more in line - in fact almost identical.

Thanks Bert. I have key, and think time set to zero on both HammerDB and Benchmark Factory.

Interestingly I get higher numbers on HammerDB for both SQL server and Oracle. I am simply multiplying the TPM number generated by Hammer and comparing it to the TPS*60 value in BMF.

when I get some free time I’ll try to reproduce this - I’ve done so in past and got same approx numbers. But I’ll recheck when time permits …