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Compile a highlighted list (functions, packages or procedures) recompiles selected but only updates the display for the first iten in the list

Good Morning TOAD support,

  I don't know when this started, the display used to update to show all the changes.  Now I need to press the refresh all button to see the update: (see attached images)  Only the top item updates to remove the debug icon when the list is recompiled.

Larry Wickliffe

Display update error on compile.docx (153 KB)

Hi Larry,

I can reproduce that and I’ll take a look at it. As a workaround, go to Options -> Schema Browser -> Right Hand Side. On the right, click the “Compile Mode” button and set it to “refresh entire LHS when complete”. It’s just the “one by one” mode that seems to be broken.

Fixed for next beta

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