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Concept of a "Dry Run" to Analyze Impact of Change


This enhancement idea was also placed on Toad for Oracle's Idea Pond, since it applies that that product as well, but wanted to have it represented here, on behalf of the customer who requested it.

Users of Toad DevOps Toolkit would benefit to have a utility/capability that allows for the concept of a "dry run".  The idea is that before a database change script gets executed on the target database, have Toad check the impact of the proposed changes, but WITHOUT actually executing the script: 

  • Would there be any syntax errors? (Toad can do this already, but in addition...)
  • Would there be any logical errors?
  • Are changes lined up in correct dependency order?
  • Do targeted objects exist, or exist in the correct definitional state?
  • Would applying the change result in an error condition?
  • While the change may be ok for the intended object, what about dependent objects?
  • Would any data be lost?
  • ETC.  (think of more here)

Customer indicated that such a capability does exist, but is part of Oracle's set of internal utilities and not exposed to the public for general consumption?

Use case is pretty clear here... this capability would stop a DevOps change process cold if there's a hint that the database change script won't produce a successful push.