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I wanna to know the concept for this tool when i use benchmark standard tests which SQL statements used during test

how the tool test the database by virtual users? what type of load is using "execute SQL statement or what?

Depends on what test you are using. Benchmark Factory allows you to use your own SQL statements, import SQL from a variety of sources, or those from various standard benchmarks. Benchmark Factory does all of the above so that users can create workload which best suite their testing needs.

Benchmark Factory uses virtual users to simulate real-world users, with their own connections to the database, to submit SQL to the database. Users can increase the load on the server by adding virtual users to their tests.

Thanks a lot for your help

please i have another question in capture/replay test: what the difference between capture directory and client directory?


There two directories you need to supply during either capture process is the server side capture directory (this is the directory that the database you are capturing will place captured data files, such as trace files during an Oracle trace file capture) and the client side capture directory (the directory that the BMF console will read in the the captured data files as well as store some of it’s own captured files). The thing to note is that the server side capture directory is specified with a path as from the server machine itself, not as seen from the BMF console machine. Since the BMF console reads in from the client capture directory the best way to set that up is to have the two directories point to the same physical location, like maybe a network share. If this is not possible you will need to manually copy all captured data files from the server directory to the client (BMF) directory.

thanks a lot for you support

but the last question for me when i finished capture workload for sql server database in production, and i want to replay this against test database…Can you infor me how do that because i failed to run this


This is from the Benchmark Factory Documentation.…/capture-and-replay-sql-server-workload