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Concurent executions of separate sessions not working??


I Thought that this was working, but try this.
Open session and execute pl/sql statement, running for a while. For example:
dbms_lock.sleep(180); --sleeps for 3 min

Than open next session and try to select on any table… For example F3 on any table in your schema. Slnav freezes …
Check this!

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

Thanks for sending this in. I will check this for you soon and will keep you posted with more info later today.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Piter,

I am still running behind with this. Will try to look into this for you tonight/this weekend. Will keep you posted if I would make any progress on this.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Bruce!
Did you reproduce this issue on your sqlnav??


Hi Piter,

I could see the issue here myself, however on my environment, SQL Nav looks like it hangs but eventually the apps come back, ie. after the SQL Editor execute the sql successfully (after the 3 mins sleep). Does SQL Nav come back on your envi? if it does not, how did you have to kill the app?

Thanks & Regards,

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Yes app comes back, but it looks like second session waits with something on first session. I think sessions should be totally separated, maybe sqlnav checks something using first session witch is currently busy.

One more it looks like sqlnav hangs when results should be displayed, means that select was executed but sqlnav couldn’t show results


I’m sure that 4x sqlnav works ok, in 5.1 i don’t remember , I must install first and check


Thanks Piter.

I do not have a copy of previous release of SQL Nav with me at home. The only thing I have is base on 5.5 code branch. I am investigating my dev envi…Will let you know if I could find anything.



Checked! 5.1 works properly


Hi Piter,

Very nice catch here Piter. Thank you very much for your effort on this. I will need to discuss with the Dev on this Monday and will get back to you. It is a regression which we will need to address for 5.5.

We will get back to you with for info early next week.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Piter,

I have made some good progress here…

I have located some changes recently made for 5.5 which causes this performance issue…We will get the fix in the next build to you early next week.

Have a great weekend Piter.



Hi Bruce!
Great news, it means that will be double final beta last week!
Could you write some details with this issue, i’m courios what happend with that.

Regards Piter

Have a great weekend tooo!

Ps. Ask Andrew K., maybe he will know where could you find polish beer in Melbourne…


Thanks Piter.

Hope that you would have a great weekend too. Mine was busy but good .

The hang issue you have reported caused by one of the changes we made recently to address the date format (reported by one of our customer) with 'Retrieve all results fields as strings’preference. We try to apply some settings to all sessions when it needs to wait for the busy session freeup to appy those settings…ie Nav looks like hang as it waits for the busy session finished…

Due to the risk involved with the changes of the Date format, We have decided to roll back the change and will attempt the fix it post 5.5.

We will prepare a new build now and will send it to you tomorrow so that you can verify that the hang issue has been addressed.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks! I think its better at this moment that sqlnav works multithreaded than string date format was correct…

Reards Piter


Yah, that’s what we thought too!! Thanks to you for finding the issue for us!!



Hi Piter,

Final Beta build 709 is now available. Can you please verify and let us know that this issue has been resolved.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks Bruce, everything works fine! Error window is prettier now!

I’m bad user :wink: one more thing. When you have one session working (in progress), you can change properties of sqlnav. And what, afther apply sqlnav hung untill session ends. I think that happends because afther “apply” sqlnav executes some alters (default date format and so on). Maybe it would be better to check that alters must be done, and if yes show message that options could be changed afther end of running session, or maybe simply properties cold be inactive while session running…

Regards Piter


Thank you very much Piter for your quick feedback.

You are one of our most favourite users by far . Nice catch here again with the preferences apply which causes the delay…You are spoton with the apply preference…I will check with Bernard tomorrow with the preferences. Bernard will get back to you soon with more info.

Thanks and regards,



Hi Piter,

Thanks for your latest feedback. I am able to reproduce your issue of Nav hanging after applying preferences while there is a busy session. We will raise a CR for this and will attempt to resolve this issue in a future release.