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Configuring test for running multiple usp's at the same time



I’m new to the product (i’m actually trialing it to see if we use it across our organisation) and I was hoping for some assistance in setting up a test to cover our key needs.

I’d like to be able to run executions of our most used stored procs at the same time (i.e. EXEC usp1; EXEC usp2 & EXEC usp3) and then scale that up to running those three usp’s (at the same time) for up to 100 simultaneous users.

How do i configure the test to get the three usp’s to run at the same time on one test ? If i configure multiple statements in a Scalability test they run one after each other.




For what your are trying to accomplish you will need to use a Mix Test. A Mix Test allows all users to run any of the transactions added to the test for the specified time period. Which transaction the virtual user executes is determined by the transaction weight, so the execution order will be different for each virtual user. There is a more lengthy description of the mix test (as well as the other tests) in the help file.

If you already have the scalebility test created, you can copy it to a Mix test easily by right clicking on the scalebility test and selecting “Copy To Mix Test”. This will create a Mix test in the same job with the same transactions as the scalability test.


Thanks Kevin, I appreciate the speedy response.

I’ve just set it up as a Mix test with three transactions in the Mix (equal weighting).

When i check in the SQL activity monitor however I still see it running one transaction at a time not all three concurrently.

Screenshot is attached - maybe I’ve configured incorrectly?

Thanks again.



Check the user load settings for the Mix Test. By default the test will start with only one virtual user so that would see that you would be only seeing one transaction running at a time. A Mix test will execute the transaction mix starting at the first user load and execute them for the time period specified on the Timing page. After the time period it will start up additional virtual users until the next user load is obtained and again execute transactions for the specified period. This way you will get a report seeing how, as user load is increased (load on the server), the server performed.


Thanks Kevin, I’ve got 1 and 4 selected in the user load tab.

I need the first run with 1 user to run all three of the transactions in the transaction tab at the same time (3 transactions on SQL running the three different stored procs).

The second run i expect to see 4 users running the three stored procs at the same time i.e. 12 transactions.