Confusion between migration and compare utility (not me - TOAD)

Can you take a look.
I am migrating objects between v9.7 database that have compression defined at the table level on the source system. The migration process does not pull the compress yes option when it builds the DDL to execute on the target.
When I went into the compare tool, it had the box checked for ignore compress option. When I unchecked it, the migration tool worked for that parameter.

I would think that the migration tool should have it’s own comparrison parameters. I use the object compare tool to tell me the difference between two tables on different databases, which is different than migrating an object from one database to another. - or maybe I am missing something.

The other thing I noticed is the PCTFREE parameter at the table level is always set to 0 when I attempt to migrate a table. It should be pulling the value from the source (default of 10%), so the objects aren’t being correctly generated.