Connect to an Excel (Office 2007) workbook while in use by another user

I believe Office 2007 Excel files can be configured for Sharing by concurrent users.

Does anyone know if TDA automation will successfully connect to a shared excel file while already open by another user?

If so, is there some specific configuration I need to setup?

I’m looking at creating an automated TDA report, which connects to a number of separate Excel workbooks (used by different work stream / departments) to take a snapshot/summary of how work is progressing on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately this snapshot is needed during normal working hours, so these Excel files maybe currently in use (open) be others.

Thank you in advance


Hi David,

If you’re using the Import/Export wizard within automation, yes you’re able to connect to a shared workbook which is open by another user.

If you’re writing to a shared Excel document, keep in mind that there might be some inherent limitations when working with shared Excel documents, available at the link below.

Mike Wilson
Software Developer
Quest Software