Connect to MS Access db on network server

How do i connect to Ms Access db on a networked server?
Any MS Access db connects fine from my c drive.



Apparently I can connect to the db but, the tables/queries are not showing.


Is there a security file associated with that Access database?

There is a mdw file on my C drive but no security is set.

Interesting, does this happen with all Access databases out on the network? I did a quick test here and everything seems to work as expected.

I would copy the MDW file to the network and include that path in your connection in the MDW file attribute. See the Toad Sample Database connection for example.


Now I see that it shows static tbls but not linked tbls. Should it show linked tbls?

Linked tables store DSN connection information. You need to setup the DSN connection information exactly the same on all machines accessing this database.


The linked tbls will show if the Show System Files is checked in the Connect window.