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Connect to Sybase IQ

I have downloaded Toad for Sybase version 1.2 Freeware.
I want to connect to sybase iq, and I can’t choose Sybase IQ group.
Can you tell me how can I connect to Sybase IQ?


Hello ParadoX,

Currently the Freeware edition only allows connections to Sybase ASE. For IQ you will need to download the commercial version which comes with a 30-day trial key.

Yes, I have expected it…
Thank you MichaelG


I would like to try the Sybase ASA and Sybase IQ functionality.

I have uninstalled the freeware version, and I have installed the 30 days trial of commercial version now. But I can’t remove the freeware license! Every time when I try to install a commercial version, it works like a freeware version.

Does anybody knows how can I completely remove the freeware license?