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Connecting to Oracle issues


I have the Beta on three different machines, but on one WP32SP3 for some reason,
it doesn’t connect oany of my Oracle DBs. I tried to re-install the Oracle
client, I can tnsping the databases, but TDA reports, ‘Cannot resolve the
connect Identifier specified.’

You can click on the TNSNAMES Editor in the connection dialogue and the Database
connection appears, but still cannot connect. Ever come across this before?



Do you have multiple Oracle clients installed on your pc?



I don’t know what happened, but I re-installed the Oracle client 3 times. On the
third try, after running the OUI de-install, I also had to rename the oci.dll in
the registry, reboot, delete the entire directory, then run the full install
again. Then re-name the oci.ddl in th registry, reboot, and voila.

Third time was the charm.