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Connection Settings for MySQL on AWS EC2

Forgive me if this is easily found somewhere else. I cannot find a Forum search, only a global site search that does not help me.

I am assuming I need to use SSL settings to connect to my AWS EC2 MySQL DB

Toad requires:

Connection type = SSL
Host = I asssume this is the Public dns eg
User =
Database =
Password =
Port = 3306?
Private Key = PEM or PPK ?
CA Cert = what / where do I find
Cert = what / where do I find

Is SSL the correct protocol?

Do I need to add my IP somewhere on the EC2 Dashboard?

Thanks ColinK

Hi Colink,

Are you using SQL Optimizer for SQL Server to connect to MySQL? If not, can you tell us what product you used? Currently SQL Optimizer doesn’t have a MySQL edition. We support Oracle, SQL Server, SAP ASE, DB2 LUW and z/OS.



Thanks for your reply Levin

I may be on the wrong forum. I only saw 3 and chose what I thought was the most appropriate.

My product is Toad for MySQL 7.9