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Connection to Hana Cloud Platform fails


I am trying to connect to my developer account in SAP Hana Cloud Platform ( using ToadforSAP_Beta_3.0.0.122 and I getting this message when trying to create a connection using the following information

Host :

User Name:

Password :

Instances : I am not sure of the instance number so I leave it alone

Connection result is “Connect failed (no reachable host left)”


Hi ToadGuider1,

You need to open a database tunnel to SAP HANA Cloud. It’s not possible to make connection directly.

First you need to download SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK for Java Web (, which contains the console client:…/frameset.htm

After that you can open the tunnel with the “neo open-db-tunnel” command:…/frameset.htm

Host (the -h parameter) is in your case.

User (-u) is your user name, probably the e-mail address, which you used for registration to the SAP Hana Cloud Platform.

Account (-a) should be probably something like p1234567890trial - you can find the information in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit.

Schema ID (–id) can be again found on the Cockpit page (dev or something like that).

After you open the tunnel, you can connect to the database. Use the connection information displayed in the console client window.

Should you have any further problems with SAP HANA Cloud please try contacting SAP technical support first. They will be the best source of information. :slight_smile:




Thanks Libor for the help. I will certainly try on your suggestions.

I knew how to connect to HANA Cloud Platform using HANA studio in Eclipse IDE, just was playing around with Toad for SAP solutions(beta) to feel the difference