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Console is not connecting to agent


I’ve installed Dell Benchmark Factory (DBF) on two machines: console and agent1.

Both machine are windows 2012 server and connected to workgroup (not domain).

I’ve configured DBF controller to use two agents (via settings/Agent): localhost (console machine) and agent1.

I’ve run “verify selected agent” successfully.

Now, when I start ''Create Objects for TPC-E", I get the following error message:


Job Started

Starting Agent(s) on

Not all configured agent(s) are connected in a timely manner.

Shuting down Agent(s) on WIN-LCF3MS76I0E

Shuting down Agent(s) on

Total Time to perform the job:

Start Time: 11/7/2014 1:47:33 PM

End Time : 11/7/2014 1:48:34 PM

Elapsed : 0 Days 00:01:01.109

Additional Info

  • I’ve verified that an “Agent” process was created in agent1 machine.
  • Windows firewall is disabled both on console and agent1 hosts
  • The user I configured for agent1 host has admin privileges on agent1
  • Both console and agent hosts are Amazon EC2 vm hosts running Windows Server 2012


With the Console up and running, manually start the remote Agent. Change the remote Agent settings to use the running Console IP. Does the Agent connect to the Console? If not there is another network issue blocking the TCP/IP communication between the Agent and the Console. Can you ping the Console from the Agent? Try using both IP and hostname.

yes! manually configuring console ip in agent UI made the agent connect to console. Is that the proper way of connecting agent to console?

Check if there exist the same hostname in you network, check the hostname’s length if overwride 15.

You can try these steps on win2012:

No the Console starting the Agent(s) remotely is the proper way. You can do a manual start to as a work around. Try increasing the Agent timeout value on the Settings-Agent page. The default is 60 seconds. Maybe try 5 minutes and see if the Agent finally connects. Another question is whether you are using the same authentication in the Agent setup as is logged into the remote Agent Windows box. This isn’t a requirement, but there may be some registry hive or permission issues from using another account.

If you manually configureing console works, you may check the Console’s hostname, if it over 15 chars? or there exist the same hostname in your network, you can change the Computer’s name to try it again.