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I don’t know, i’m blind, or root constraints node disappeared?
I know that constraints are under tables node, but what with main root constraints node?

It would be nice to have node CONSTRAINTS, with some child nodes, such as Primary, Foreign etc…

By the way, disabled constraints are not grayed…

One more suggestion from me, it would be useful, to display invalid indexes with invalid icon ;), the same for partitioned indexes etc…



Hi Piter! Welcome back!
You are right, the Constraints node has magically disappeared! I’m going to find out what’s happened, possibly it’s a result of some bug fix. Will come back shortly.


Sorry, I paniced. We both were wrong, it’s not a regression. We never had this node in DB Explorer, only in DB Navigator. This should be submitted as an ER, along with the other requests (change the icons).


Hello Roman!
My fault, i was compraring to 5.5, not 6x, i didn’t say that.

Ps. By the way, Roman, your multibyte code editor is really fast, it was very good decision to create it.