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Context Menu Position Bug


Ok, this issue at least for me is total repeatable. I’m not sure how many people out there it affects, but it drives me crazy.

Basically the problem is that the context menu’s somehow get positioned incorrectly. Meaning I could right click on a table and the context menu will come up a few tables below where I right click as if I right clicked on the table below and not the actual table I right clicked on.

Here is how it happens:

  1. I have multiple monitors at different resolutions (I beleive this is the real cause of the problem) also I’m on Windows 7.
  2. Open Navigator on bigger monitor with higher resolution.
  3. Either drag “maximized” window over to smaller monitor, or click the “Restore Down” button and then drag window over to smaller monitor.
  4. Click on Maximize button
  5. Now when I tried to right click, the context menu will not be in the right position.

Hopefully I have explained myself well enough. I have attached two pictures. The first shows the right click of the adjustment_history table on my big monitor, and the second picture show the right click on the same table, adjustment_history. You can clearly see the context menu is way off, and also it looks like I tried to right click on billing_schedule_types

Thanks Joe





I’m sorry to hear this problem affects you much. Personally I share your feeling a lot because I use dual monitors too. We noticed this problem a while ago but we could not do much in current release yet. The workaround at the moment is to use SQL Navigator in the primary monitor all the time. Actually SQL Nav every time starts in the primary monitor and if you don’t move it to the other monitor, it should work fine.

There’re a couple of issues left with multiple monitors system. We will try out best to fix them as soon as possible.




I do not know if it’s possible but maybe it’s possible to have a refresh UI option (in session for instance) that would resfresh the UI that would use the new resolution.

Regards and good luck to fix that