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Continue optimize after instance restart

I have one SQL Optimization task which runs on database where daily refresh is done (db start at 03:00 and shutdown at 00:00).
Optimizer generate 1300 cases and all cannot be run in one day.

When db shutdown, Optimizer hangs and in many cases it is not possible to resume later (after SQL Optimizer crash).
If I stop after some cases, save the result and reopen again-want to resume, SQL Optimizer resume from the beginning.

Seems that all should be in such a cases done manually. Select portion of cases and run and manually save and continue next time where it stopped previously.

is there a better way to do that?


I would be possible if SQL Optimizer can be started from command line to start task automatically…this will be really a nice new feature.

Hi Damir,

In the coming release, we will have some enhancements in this area. What we are trying to do is to allow users to stop the optimization process at any time they want and be able to continue the process later from where it was stopped. This will also cover the case of crashing (in case the machine or the process crashed, users can still restart the process from when the crash happened). Having the process automatically started or stopped is also in the plan.

I cannot commit what will be available in the final release now but I am sure you will see some changes in this direction in the next release. And thank you for the feedback as always.