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Convertor dialog problem


If the panes in the Convertor dialog have horizontal scroll bars, the last item can be obscured. See attached screen shots. In all of the images the vertical scrollbar is at the bottom.
comp4.png shows Convertor with no scroll bars. The 3 tablespace rows are fully visible.
comp1.png shows the final row obscured by the scrollbars.
comp3.png show partial obscuring.
comp2.png shows “Model 1” and “Model 2” rows are no longer aligned.
Please fix this.
Malcolm (942 Bytes)


Hi Malcolm,

I’ve managed to simulate the problem. CR # 43 801.
We will deal with it.




Hello Malcolm,

Let me update this issue - CR # 43 801.
For the future, a new look of the dialog is planned. The problems you reported should not occur then.

Workaround for current Convertor/ Comparator dialog: Please maximize the dialog and modify width of columns. No items will be hidden then.