Copy File: Copy to Folder

In TDP 4.1 I was able to put ".\Working_Folder" in the Copy to Folder field and it would remain. We have now upgrade to TDP 5.1 and when I enter the "." it automatically fills in the current path and will not allow me to save it as before. Is there a way to turn this automatic feature off so that the "." will not be overwritten?

Can you outline where you're trying to do this within TDP, or attach a screen snap?

Thank you, the snap helps.

So, in playing around with the Copy File task, I noticed that anything typed into the field will hammer in a file path.... e.g. as soon as I start typing a character in the CopyTO Folder field, it gets populated. This is clearly not intended behavior, and Dev team, please take note.

However, I do see a checkbox option in the Settings task that seems to allow me to use relative path characters like '.' and "..", such as you describe. See snap below... and hope that helps.

That works, however, I am now getting another error because the Source File is a variable, #Excel_File_Name#...
The error is displayed next to the variable... Source File: Relative path cannot be calculated if the absolute path contains a variable

Also, in TDP 4.1 the Settings has the same selection as 5.1 and I did not need to check the "relative path" option...