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Copy paste enhancement request

I work in finance and we have to report on everything we do and when we do it. The spool from sql nav is critical and we copy and paste that information into other data stores for auditing and debugging when necessary. It enables us to provide an easy history to auditors, programmers and other dba’s.

Consequently I copy and paste about 300 times a day. Is there a way that you can make a hot key that will select all the data on the current screen and copy into the windows buffer but in one button click?

yea - I am asking for something you make easy - to make it even easier.

From the spool screen, I would like to press F3, this would highlight everything and copy the contents into a buffer. Instead of ctrl-A, ctrl-V. (After a long day of this - my fingers hurt!)

I sure hope you can do this with one button, not a alt-standonyourfoot-p combination.

Thanks for busting your butts to make a great product to work with for us!

Hi Henry,

We’re happy to add a one-key shortcut for you to make your work easier:). PT 27821101 has been created in our tracker system for this enhancement request. We will let you know when we release a beta with this.


Hi Henry,

we have already add a one-key shortcut and toolbar button for you to make your work easier, “Copy All” toolbar button will appear and F4 for shortcut, and It’s only enable when spool tab is focused. When F4 is pressed, all spool text is copied and output shows "14:34:15 Spool output is copied to clipboard.

". If Copy All button is clicked in spool tab, text iscopied but no message can be shown in output.

it will be work for next SQL Navigator beta. (beta5)


Thank you for making this work. I am now able to hit f4 which selects everything in the spool and copies it into the clipboard.