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It doesn’t appear that you can right-click on a cell in a SQL Grid and do a copy. It’s on the popup, but doesn’t seem to actually copy. :frowning:



It works for me. Any more clue?

btw, there’re some issues with the community site so I didn’t get notification mails for a lot of your posts so I didn’t post any reply. I will try to go through all of them today.


Hi Gwen,

Well, it’s pretty simple, I click in a cell, then right-click on the same cell, go to copy. It appears to work, but when I paste, it didn’t actually copy anything.

It’s working for you? That’s really weird. We can do a webex or something if you want to see.



The copy (and paste) is definitely working for me too.
It works via the right click ‘copy’ action
It works via the ‘Ctrl + C’ action
(pasting in to Notepad)

Something fishy going on ??

  • Jaime -


Even weirder! If I paste into Wordpad, it works, if I try to paste into the sql editor it doesn’t!!!

Definitely flaky!



I can paste them in both notepad and the code editor. I’ll look more into it later.



We didnt do any work with the data grid so i thought i can use the newest build. apparently not. I tried the 879 and you’re right, it doesn’t work. It maybe a regression. Rest assure, I have no problem with it in the new build.


I don’t know if you consider this issue closed or not, but here is what I have found… If I am in the data grid and I right click and select copy or CTL-C on an item, then I go to TextPad (A standard Text editor) and paste, it pastes, but if I go to NetTerm (A Unix Teminal Emulator) and Right click and select paste it does not paste. But if I double click and bring up the cell editor and follow the same steps it works perfectly fine in both windows (Textpad and Netterm).
This is very strange, it is almost like there are 2 different types of Windows Clipboards or something??? I will say that us copying from Navigator to Net term is quite common, we grep for data in text files all the time, to have to bring up the cell editor every time will be a big downfall…


it does seem to be flaky regarding which programs it will paste into and which it won’t. I agree.


I think the problem is because we put data into the clipboard in Unicode format. Not all applications can receive Unicode data. What I did is I modified the routine so it puts data both in Unicode and ASCI formats. It should work now in all circumstances.