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Copy the Userid and password from one computer to another

I have SQL Nav on my work Desktop.
We have several database on our system with PROD/TEST and DEV for each of them.
I have saved all the userid and passwords on my Desktop machine.

Recently I received a laptop from my work which I can use if I work from home. The laptop has SQL Nav
I want to copy all my userid and password from my desktop to my laptop so that I don’t have to reenter it again.

How to do this

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Sridhar,

  • Back up your profile from your desktop environment:
    Run the Profile Manager app (v6.4) which can be found in the same Windows Start->All Program->Quest Software->SQL Navigigator version that you have installed.

(The ProfileManager.exe file is in the same installation folder of SQL Navigator).

Restore profile:
Copy the profile file to your laptop, then run Profile Manager (v6.7) on your laptop to restore/copy the profiles.


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Thanks Bruce. It worked.