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Copy to Clipboard error

New version introduced a new issue.I copied [^c] result containing polish letters, and pasted to excel. Results as below:

toad codding.png


I’ve created QAT-6387 to track the issue.



To Butter:

Thank you for posting in Toad World!

I was unable to reproduce your issue. I will require more information to better reproduce this issue. I suspect it’s a combination of factors from various sources we have not considered, so more details would be appreciated. Please attach to this thread or send to a Support Bundle along with answers to the questions below:

Toad Information

  • Which version of Toad did copying and pasting last work correctly?
  • What was the platform of the server were you connected to (I used MySQL)?
  • How/where did you obtain the result set (I used a SELECT statement)?
    Machine Information

In the start menu, type “region” and open the “Region and Language” settings.

  • What is your Display Language?
  • What is your Language for non-Unicode programs / System Locale (I tried Poland, Chinese, and English)?
  • What is your Operating System?
    We look forward to hearing from you.

Software Developer I,

  • Joshua Liong