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Copying a Production Table and its BLOB contents to Test


I have been tasked to copy a Production Table and its contents to Test. Even though I’m not a DBA, I could probably extract the data, load it to Microsoft Access and then Export it to the Test Database. But in this case, there’s a “BLOB” Data Type on the Production Table and I think that’s going to mess up my thinking here.

Is there any easy way to copy a Production Table and its contents that contain a “BLOB” Data Type down to our Test Database without having to get a DBA involved here???

I appreciate your review and welcome a response.

Thanks in advance for your review and hopeful for a reply.




Check if your oracle client installation has the export utility (exp.exe) and the import utility (imp.exe).
If so, you can use it via the command line or using SQLNavigator Object->export utility (and import utility)



Hey PSU – If there is, or you can create, (or pester the DBA to do so) a database link to production from test, then you can easily copy the data including the BLOBs. If you are going to do such a link, I recommend creating it with a read-only user just to make sure no production data is modified over the link inadvertently.