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Copying entity between workspaces


I have two workspaces.
The first one with simple entity, the second empty.

When I copy the entity on the first workspace (CTRL+C)
it shows up in the second instantly (sometimes with different view as the workspace uses)
. When I try to edit it, exception occurs

Access violation at address 0092916B in module ‘TDM.exe’. Read of address 00000000
(can be reproduced)

then while closing TDM (after projects are closed)
Runtime error 216 at 00446CB5 (cannot reproduce it though)

After project is reloaded, the entity is on the second workspace permanently and editable.



Just trying to simulate it, and I’d like to make sure I understand well.

When I copy the entity on the first workspace (CTRL+C), it shows up in the second instantly.

You make a copy of Entity1 in WS1 and it shows up in WS2 as well?

  • If so, in this case, the Auto Complete option (WS2 Format dialog) is on. However, this also means that WS2 had not been empty before you made the copy. Entity1 should be there too.

Or do you copy Entity1 from WS1 to WS2? (I can see the header “Copying entity between ws”…)

Thanks for the details.



Here I’m with another example: (Possibly this is what you mean.)

  1. I create a new model, WS1 opens automatically (its designer).

  2. I create WS2.
    Both WS are empty.

  3. I add Entity1 to WS1.

  4. I copy the Entity1 to WS2. (CTRL+C and CTRL+V)

  • In WS2, there is one entity - Entity2, which is a copy of Entity1.
  • In WS1, there are two entities - Entity1 and Entity2.

In WS1, the Auto Complete option is on.
In WS2, the Auto Complete option is off.

By default, when you create a model, WS1 is created and its Designer opens automatically. WS1 is meant as main model.
In TDM3, all workspaces are of the same level and each WS can have different objects. However, there should be one WS where all objects of you model should be displayed. - And for this purpose, the WS1 (where the Auto Complete option is on by default) is here. Now whatever you add to any other WS, it will be automatically added to WS1. WS1 works like main model.

  • Auto complete option is available in the WS Format dialog. For new models, see it in the Settings menu | Options | Model | Physical Model.

In any case, after doing this, I was able to edit any entity. No problem occured.

If you have any questions, please write me back.




Maybe I forgot one step

  1. create two workspaces
  2. create entity in first workspace
  3. remove the entity from second workspace (DEL)
  4. in the first workspace just press CTRL-C on the entity
  5. it will show up in workspace 2
  6. but trying to edit it there throws exception.

  1. remove the entity from second workspace (DEL)

Yes, that’s it.
There’s a bug. We will fix it. CR # 37 259.

Thanks for your notification!




Included physical model is causing the previous mentioned exception after you close TDM3.

b.t.w., when you open this model with file in explorer/total commander TDM3 runs new instance. That’s not a problem - maybe there is some config toggle for it.
But it also opens in model list as new model - so that the model is open multiple times there.
odpisy_log.txp (410 KB)


Hello arki,

We’ve found out some problems in your model. We’ve already fixed some of them, however need some more time to verify it and do more testings. Possibly tomorrow, I’ll have some more information for you.
Thanks for your patience.

Opening model from explorer etc.:

I’ve tried to open your model from explorer several times - always a new instance of TDM3 Beta has opened, which is OK.
Then I had a look at the Application View where all currently opened models are listed. Your model was listed once only (once in each of the TDM3 instances).

When can it be there more times? - I open the model, work with it, save it and close TDM3 application (the model remains listed in the Application View, it hasn’t been closed.) I double-click the model in the explorer, it opens in TDM3. Now I can see, it’s twice there - the one previously opened and not closed and the new one.

  • TDM3 allows you to open a model several times. You can save the same model to multiple files under different file names.

Now I close TDM3 and get error message. I’ve encountered this problem only with your model. (I tested it in several other models and it worked fine.) So, this is one of the problems we’ve found out while using your model. As I stated above, we will keep verifying your model a bit more.

Thanks for now.


Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Arki55,

your model was corrupted. A corrected model is attached.




I’m not sure if it of any use now, because I did some changes to it already.
And the nre release does not crash on it anymore.
Maybe the cause was solved already.