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copying issue

I'm just testing new release of Toad. And I've found following issue:
In result I've selected all rows, then Pressed CtrlC, then I've chosen "include header".
When I've pasted it to excell, I;ve discovered than not all rows have been copied...


  1. What connection is this on.

  2. How are you selecting all rows (Ctrl - A or through the menu)?

  1. Oracle

  2. Ctrl A or double click at left top - I do not remember>

I’ve tried to reproduce today this error and I was not able to. But I remember such issue from previous releases. Probably it is related to buffer size.


So you are getting two rows when copying? Very strange.

No. In case of error, few last rows are not copied. I’ve spotted it because one of row was copied partially - see screens.