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Copying text highlighted in Messages tab copies entire message


Scenario: Was trying to Drop a Column from a table, got error that there was
still a constraint:

So I highlighted the name of the constraint from the error message, pressed
CTRL+C to copy, then went to my script to paste it.

Expected Result: It should have pasted the name of the constraint I copied from
the message: DF_Workorders_IncludeInMaintenanceCalcDefault

Actual result: It pasted the entire message result including all columns:

Category Timestamp Duration Message Line Position

Error 01/17/2011 11:33:37 AM 0:00:00.001 - SQL Server Database Error: The
object ‘DF_Workorders_IncludeInMaintenanceCalcDefault’ is dependent on column
‘IncludeInMaintenanceCalcDefault’. 5 0

Not exactly enhancing my productivity. If I wanted all columns, I would have
highlighted the whole thing.




Hi Darren,

I’ve created CR81755 for this. For me it is also weird.


Alexander Maximov