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Couldn't able to setup the SQL Navigator with Oracle 12 C on my personal laptop

Hi, Could anyone help me out. I have recently installed the Oracle 12c on my personal laptop. Trying to connect the oracle database from SQL Navigator for oracle but couldn’t succeed


Can you please tell is it 64bit or 32bit oracle client on your laptop? Currently release v7.0 and before only support 32 bit client, so you may got problem if your client is 64bit. We will support 64bit since 7.1 which will be released soon.

Please have a check first, any problem feel free to let us know.



Got connected to oracle 11 g using 12 c 32 bit client using sql nav 7 and windows 7. We are working to isolate the inability for people to change passwords. looks like win 7 and the oracle 11 client don’t like each other very much.